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New horizons for evidence generation - digital clinical trials founded by real world data

ACESO connects healthcare organizations with the pharmaceutical and biotech industries to maximize the potential of patient data, in order to deliver real world value for life sciences, support smarter healthcare decisions and improve patient outcomes.

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Fit-for-purpose data of ethically soursed and anonymized patient data in complince with cross boarder regulation (GDPR)


Machine learning and predictive analytics tools for scientifically valudated anwsers and data driven deсision making approach

ACESO builds proprieary global data network

Electronic Health Records

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Access to global real world data

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Growing Proprietary Network

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Integrated data network solutions

Get access to the datasets

Request feasiblity assesment of your research project and discover the portential of Aceso rich data coverage

Join global RWD network

Expand your hospital research capabilities and be a part of next generation trials

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Aceso digital platform is developed to bridge data with scientists and what’s more – to help to access the insights that are hidden in it through deployment of state of the art data warehouse, opensource platform available on AWS and GCP.
​Our Platform uses OMOP CDM data model – internationally recognized standard for observational studies.

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ACESO Data Model enables standardised, expandable data for clinically meaningful insights

Our disease specific data models built in full compliance with security of patients’ private Information and regulatory compliance

1. Ingest & Structure

2. Data Lake Ready

3. Upload to Cloud & Analyze

The 1st step is to organize and restructure the data on hospitals side

Once the internal data lake is created, we can match this data with ongoing studies open for data collection

Only the approved and irrevocably anonymised data is then uploaded to the cloud for each specific study.

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Why partner with us?


Structure data for systematic analysis of disparate observational databases


Expand your organization’s research capabilities 


Reach pharmaceutical companies for sponsored trials


Join co-publications in peer reviewed journals

Manage your data via a single solution

The past decade has seen tremendous growth of electronic health care systems in both state and private hospitals This process has been centred around healthcare administration, that made it difficult to use the emerging data in research purposes.

  • Streamlining of medical data, data classification and clustering - implementation of common data model

  • Access to insights and research ready disease- specific data models

  • Digital strategy with best practices adoption

Participate in the Most Advanced Clinical Trials

Digital Clinical trials is the new paradigm in clinical research, by connecting to our digital platform the HCO integrating themselves in this new world

  • Trial design optimisation with RWD and synthetic control arms

  • Deep research and emulations: hybrid and historical data application 

  • Pro rata reimbursement for "recruited" patients

Empower Your Data at no Cost

Our solution is completely free to deploy and enables free internal research

  • Comply with payor data requests

  • Generate clinical insights

  • Create new revenue streams

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